N95, KN95, Respirator Mask Potential Scams

The following is a list of websites I believe to be complete scams. Personally, I have ordered from a few of them early on, and had to dispute the charges with my bank, unless otherwise noted.

I will update this page regularly.

Disclaimer: I am not telling you not to purchase from these websites. I am just giving you my personal opinion, with some facts, and in some cases, my own experience with the “companies”. Use your own discretion.

industrypieces.com *

Look at the masks on the above websites. They are all nearly identical. Most hide their shipping and handling terms and you won’t learn about them until after-the-fact. I do believe these masks exist, but, none of the sellers actually have them in their possession, and they are all collecting money from consumers for nothing. Perhaps some have good intentions – I don’t know, but you should not charge until you ship, assuming you had plans on fulfilling orders.

* I ordered from “industrypieces.com” very early-on. Now that I know what I know, I’m glad they never shipped. Either way, it was supposed to arrive within a week. Two weeks passed, I emailed them, they told me it’ll ship the following week. The following week turned into “might ship this week”, so I requested a refund, they went dark. I disputed the charge with my bank and notified the seller.


I ordered from “o2canada.com”. The website looked promising, different from all of the others using Shopify as their third-party shopping cart. At the time, the delivery date in the header was a week away from when I ordered. But, once I ordered and received the email confirmation, suddenly shipping was within 4-6 weeks. Why not just post that on your website, instead of a bogus date? I emailed them, they were nice enough about it, and issued me a full refund. I *think* they have good intentions and I say that reluctantly, but they likely did not manufacture the product yet.


Both useless pieces of junk. Use a scarf.

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